Jo McGilvary


Jo McGilvary is an illustrator and artist who has lived in East Sussex all of her life. She studied teaching with Science at Goldsmiths University London. Jo taught at a local primary school and took early retirement in 2013. 

She draws inspiration from her love of nature and animals; and paints for her friends and family at special times in their lives; using subjects that they love; this is evident through the wide and varied range of paintings she has created since she begun her journey. From little girls with Unicorns, the adorable Highland Cow, a bumbling Bumble Bee to a majestic Zebra.

Jo began painting when she retired and is self taught. Her unique style has evolved over the years. Using a combination of styles.

Some of her techniques were used whilst teaching in primary classes and she continues to experiment and apply new ideas to her work. She uses different materials, subjects and skills; producing art work that continues to delight those that receive them.

Printing, paint blowing and experimenting with different mediums make each painting one of a kind adding another dimension to her beautiful compositions.